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Provide market insight tailored for Los Angeles Real Estate Investors.


The typical industry newsletter is simply a list of links. 3 key ways we're changing that:

1. Commentary / Summary on Each Article.

  • Commentary comes from an active buyer with insider knowledge.

  • Reader quickly knows why the article is relevant.

  • No need to click through links or have subscriptions to various publications.

2. Consistent Headers.

  • Allows reader to know what's coming and track themes.

  • Reader can go straight to a header when looking for something specific.

3. Angle Toward Investing. 

  • Original Subscriber base of 100% Los Angeles Real Estate Investors.

  • Articles focused on news that impacts Real Estate value.  


I'm sending a newsletter every Thursday Morning, which includes these headers: 

1. Quote of the Week. Thought provoking, typically related to investing.  

2. New Development. Where are developers building and why?

2. Leasing Update. What's market rent? What companies are moving in?

3. RE Trade. Where are current RE valuations?

4. Local Politics. How are City and State decisions impacting value? 

5. Celebrity RE. Often simply fun, but can have a valuation angle.

6. Weekly Long-Read. Deep dive, something you may come back to read over the wkd.

7. RE Tech. How will new technology impact our investments?

8. LA Restaurant Feature. Often tied to evolution of a neighborhood.

9. Just for Fun. Funny video to lighten up your day.


I started Keystone Investors in 2017 with the vision of giving individuals direct access to private Real Estate. I send investors acquisition memos, disposition memos, quarterly updates, and major operations updates. These provide investors with a deep understanding of the property they own. This newsletter began as a way to step back from the property and give the investor a regular pulse on the market. Investors see headlines about LA or California without knowing the impact on their investment. The newsletter addresses this problem head-on by not only providing links to the most important articles of the week, but also providing commentary on their impact to real estate value.

So why is the newsletter expanding beyond those invested in Keystone? The simple answer is that many others will benefit from curated industry news. This will benefit you if you are:

  • Invested in other LA real estate funds or personally own buildings in LA.

  • Someone with friends or family invested in LA real estate.

  • Interested in buying LA real estate in the future.

  • An industry professional who requires a pulse on the market.

  • Someone generally interested in what's happening in LA.

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